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Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor Certification Workshop and Prep Course

Are you ready to learn something new?  Are your students ready for something else?  I will be hosting a Tai Chi for Diabetes Instructor Certification workshop May 18-19, 2019 in Ankeny, Iowa. Brochure TCD is a combination of Yang and Sun style, its simple and fun and also somewhat easy to remember.  It would be a great way to introduce Yang style to your students in an easy to memorize chunk.  I love to add TCD to the end of TCA, it forces my students to maintain their composure and also help them retrieve a different form from their memory, it makes them mentally stretch! The benefits of TCD are that it contains movements that stimulate the liver, its gentle and even movements may help control blood sugar and ease the stress of coping with diabetes. I will also be teaching a prep course for TCD at Petersons Holistic Services.  You will learn the form, review or learn the Stepwise Progressive Teaching Method, be gently quizzed on the test and also receive teaching tips on how to
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Now teaching classes at Peterson Holistic Services

Now located at 3005 86th Street in Urbandale A few of the services offered include Therapeutic Massage, Focused Therapeutic Massage and Sinus Release, Medical Qigong and Stability Training.  Along with several types of Tai Chi and Qigong classes, you will also find classes on Mindful Movement, Basic Core Essential classes and Strength Training.  These are just a few of the classes and services offered.  If you are looking to make a lifestyle wellness change, a health makeover or you just want to feel better, look into Peterson Holistic Services.

World Tai Chi and Qigong Day!