Monday, July 28, 2014

What HAVE I been doing?

Sure, it takes a year to write a new post, I've been busy living life.

February 4, 2014 I finally had my right knee replaced.  Knee replacement is not for the lazy or faint of heart.   It is a painful operation, but each day after surgery it gets better, and one day you notice the swelling is gone, the pain is gone and you can walk like a normal person.  May 27, 2014, the left knee was replaced, and that started the journey to fully getting my life back.

Its amazing what life without chronic pain is like, something I hadn't felt in over a dozen years.  I truly believe that chronic pain changes your brain chemistry.  I am starting to remember things that I had forgotten, and am feeling up to doing many things that I had to put aside for the the last two years because they became to difficult to manage without pain.  One of them was quilting.  I know, it shouldn't be that hard to do, right?  But quilting had become quite painful, it was difficult to sit in my quilting chair, even ironing and rotary cutting were painful.  Now we are past all of that, and I can get back to doing the things I used to enjoy.

We have a new addition to the family, a 1978 vintage-ish Fleetwood Prowler.  She came remodeled, all painted and papered up, which was fine with us, we wanted something vintage that was ready to roll and that is what we got.  The former owners had stenciled trees and a moose head to the outside, we will keep that for now, but eventually we would like to put the original Prowler decal back on the outside.  She is 19 feet long, has a bathroom and supposedly can sleep 6, and that would 6 pretty little people.

The former owners did a good job whitewashing over the original wood, and wallpapering over the paneling, it previously had a  truly a groovy 1978 deco vibe.

My original intention was to have a trailer from the 1950-1960 era, since most of my vintage is of that style, but this camper was decorated quite nicely, she did a great job, that many of the items I had would work, and I was also able to incorporate some current things, this really was a perfect blend of style and era for Mark and I.  I wanted deep vintage, Mark wanted something a bit more modern.  All of the appliances work, even the air conditioner and heater, we are very pleased with our little cabin on wheels.

The former owner recovered the cushions, she did a great job, they are removeable and can be washed and I love the color palette she used.  I would call the original style "Big Woods Shabby Chic" as she had a tree and moose motif going on.  But the neutral colors will allow me to add my own touches, it will still be shabby chic, but more on the "Prairie Shabby Chic", or whatever, who knows?  The couch folds down and makes the bigger bed.  Those cupboards above make into a bunk, and the dinette converts to make another sleeping area.

This trailer was clean, probably one of the cleanest we had seen since we started looking on Craigslist.

Live Simply, fitting don't you think?  We are not in any way finished putting our own touches on this trailer, Mark hasn't had too much time lately.  But its been a fun time going to our local antique stores and flea markets and discovering fun finds.   Its been a glorious time going through my fabric stash and finding things to make!


Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Hi Merry,
My heart went pitter-patter when I read your post! The new addition to your family is SO cool! What a marvelous find! I can only imagine the kinds of cool touches you will put on this beauty. I hope you will continue to post about it. It has so many awesome features. That kitchen is adorable. And the sleeping quarters seem cozy. Better watch out--you might just find me sleeping out there in your new camper some night! K—

Merry said...

Thank you Kimber! I knew I wanted a vintage camper, but it took a bit to talk Mark into it, this was our compromise. We both do like it a lot. I will give you a tour next time we are in Ankeny together ;)
The only things we don't have hooked up are the shower and water heater, and that is on our to-do list. It has been a fun little hide-out for me and Rudy.