Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summerfest 2013

Deanna and I, this is just a clip of the last part of Tai Chi for Older Adults

One day, after class, I made a typical throw-away funny comment, I suggested that we (the instructors) enter a float in our local parade.  Well, one month later we found ourselves doing tai chi during the Ankeny Summerfest parade.  Its amazing how much your balace improves when you perform tai chi on a moving vehicle.  Many times during the parade, we would turn to each other in amazement that 1) we were actually in a parade 2)  We were actually doing our tai chi in front of hundreds of people.

All of us, performing Tai Chi for Energy

Later that day, we had an opportunity to perform on the Community Stage.  I hadn't seen the stage ahead of time, had no idea what to expect and of course spent much time stressing and calming myself down.  Well, the stage was cozy and not intimidating at all.  Mark was with me the whole day, he even rode on the pick up with us, and he was front row while I was onstage doing my "thing".   This was a great opportunity to be able to perform an actual planned and scripted program,  good practice for even more events to come.

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