Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tiny Christmas Sweater Ornaments

I have been looking for a simple and clear pattern for making these tiny little sweater ornaments.  I realized I had no knitting ornaments on my tree, so I had to knit up a few.

Then I realized how easy these were to knit and figured out why there aren't any instructions.  Basically you making a teeny top down raglan sweater, duh!

So, here are some written instructions, just in case you don't want to figure anything out!

I used leftover sock yarn, and  #2/40inch circular needles, and knit these using magic loop.

Cast on 24, connect.

Turtleneck: knit 1 row, purl 1 row, knit 1 more row. OR you can knit 3 rows (or more) in a 1 x1 rib.

Row 1 - Knit, placing markers on each needle as follows:  Knit 2, place marker, knit 8 place marker, knit 2.

On back needle, Knit 2 place marker, knit 8 place marker knit 2.  So you now have the front, back and arm sections marked.  (on each needle: the arm stitches are two, the front/back stitches are 8)

Row 2 - Knit until 1 before each marker then kfb (knit into front and back) slip marker, kfb, knit.

Row 3 - Knit

Repeat Rows 2 and 3 six times.

Taking waste yarn, slip arm stitches from front working needle onto waste yarn (8 stitches) now drop that waste yarn until a bit later.

Knit to next marker, taking another waste yarn, slip the next  8 arm stitches, and then slip the arm stitches from the back needle on to the waste yarn (you should have 16 arm stitches, 8 from the front, 8 from the back).

Now you will start knitting under the arm (connecting front piece to back piece) until you reach those last 8 arm stitches.  Pick up the first waste yarn that is holding the first 8 stitches, and slip those last 8 stitches onto the waste yarn.

Start knitting under the arm, connecting back to front, and continue knitting in the round until the sweater is long enough for you.  End with a 1 x 1 rib if you like.

Cast off.

Take arm stitches from waste yarn, careful not to twist any stitches.  Leave enough tail to sew up under arms and start knitting arms in the round until they are long enough to suit you, end with a 1 x 1 rib if you would like.  Cast off.  Repeat for other arm.

Weave in ends in the neck and bottom.  Sew up under arms and now you have tiny little sweater ornament.  This is a great use for those leftover sock yarns.  And you could probably do these two at a time just like you do socks!!

Christmas treat

This was a really easy somewhat quick treat.  Its basically sweetened peanut butter squashed between two pretzels and dipped in chocolate.  I think you could almost streamline this even more by using little Reese Cups, heating them then squashing a pretzel on top.  You probably have everything you need to make this in your cupboard right now.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Treats

1 c peanut butter
1c powdered sugar
1 c brown sugar
small twist pretzels
1 bag chocolate chips

Mix together the peanut butter and the sugars until smooth.  Grease hands and roll mixture into a ball.  Place ball on top of one pretzel twist, top with another twist and press gently.  Chill for about thirty minutes.  Melt chips in the microwave.  Dip one end of chilled pretzel sandwich in melted chocolate, set on waxed paper, chill until firm.


From one small jar of peanut butter, I was able to make over 80 little treats, so this will make quite a bit, and they are a decent mouthful.  You could use white chocolate or milk chocolate if you prefer.  I wonder what it would taste like with almond butter?