Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Redwork Garden by Blue Ribbon Designs

Redwork Garden, number two in the series

I love this pattern, its not released yet, it will be at the Nashville needlework market.  The designer is Belinda Karls-Nace of Blue Ribbon Designs.  Talk about talented!  Not that she needs any PR from me, but just about everytime she releases a new design or I get a sneak peek (she is my best friend after all!) at one of her class pieces, I just nearly wet myself with delight!  She does such good work!

Alot of designers come and go, they release a great pattern that's a hit, but are unable to follow up with anything else, sort of like some music artists.  Not to say their one hit wonders aren't any good, but sometimes they only have one design in them.  Belinda is the Beatles version of needlework designers, she's got hits overflowing out of her.  Go to her website, (link above) and take a look at all of her designs, its amazing that this much talent is contained in one person.  I think aliens are communicating with her in her sleep, how does she come up with all these beautiful pieces?  She also stitches them all herself, on 40ct linen.  Yes, you can believe what you just read 40CT LINEN, amazing. 

She is also a phenomenal instructor.  I have said this before and will be saying it to my grave, she truly sets the bar at what you should expect from a teacher when you attend her classes.  None of this nonsense where the instructor gives you the patterns, turns on a dvd about it, then sits in the back and works on her personal stuff and gets irritated when you ask a question.  You get a binder with complete perfect instructions, not those copied crappy pages that are barely legible with written in corrections, oh did I mention she also sheetprotects each page, and photos?  Photos of every step of the finishing instructions.  She doesn't just stand up there and read to you how to complete each stitch, she knows you can read and follow a diagram, that's not where she instructs you, she teaches you how to easily make cording, or finish a pin pillow, scissor fob or needlebook with hidden seams.  She teaches you how to construct a round box using the needlework piece you just stitched.  Her class atmosphere is fun and relaxed, no one is looking around to see who the best stitcher is, she doesn't create a Stitch Nazi brigade. 
She is available to answer your questions in class and out.  She will sit with you at breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Stitch with you at night and share chocolate and drink wine.  Is there any wonder that she is one of the most popular instructors on the needlework retreat circuit?  If you ever have an opportunity to take one of her classes, or even just meet her, take it.  You won't regret it, will totally change your view in regards to needlework designers.

Here is a link to her 2012 teaching dates  Some are already full, most have waiting lists.  If there is a retreat that is full, put yourself on the wait list, or ask if there will be a second class.  Most of these retreats will have to offer a second class due to Belinda's popularity.  She also has a blog where you can see all the other great stuff she does for herself and for gifts, OMG, what can she NOT do!!  Samplings from a Blue Ribbon Girl

I truly do hope you will, at the very least go to her website and take a look at her designs.  If your local shop doesn't carry them you can email her.  Heck, even her freebies are awesome!

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kakwik said...

LOVE her stuff. And I just made the mistake of going to her website and seeing more patterns to add to my wishlist...

~ Dani