Saturday, January 21, 2012

The REAL Quick and Easy Trivet (or snack mat)!

The other day, I was shopping at my local quilt shop, and picked up a pattern that was the hottest trend going on in our little quilt shop community, Quick and Simple Trivet or something like that.  So excited to find this, it would use up those odd pairs of fat quarters that aren't enough to use with anything, or are so unique they don't blend well, or the ones that I ask myself, 'why did I buy those'? 
So, got this pattern home, looked it over, and realized, wow, this isn't either quick or easy.  Disappointed!!! 
Then I applied my ninja Merry creative brain power to it and realized, if I cut out a kajillion steps, this really WOULD be quick and simple. 
For your sewing pleasure, the my own REAL quick and easy trivet pattern!  Except, I am using these for snack mats.  The rectangle mats are okay, but geez, everybody is using those, and I want to be different.

8 x 9 inch Hexagon template, (9 x 9, point to point, 8 x 8, flat edge to flat edge) 
or any size that suits you, make it smaller for a coaster, or bigger for a placemat
Make your own hexagon template

10 x 11 inch piece of center focus fabric
10 x 11 inch piece of cotton batting, or batting of your choice
12 x 12 inch piece of backing fabric

Layer the focus fabric and batting, place the template on top, and cut out.

Layer the cut out fabric and batting on top of the backing fabric, with the backing right side down.  Using a 1 inch ruler, cut around, with an even 1 inch allowance, just like the picture.

After cutting out the backing fabric, pin the three layers together, then turn up the backing edge about 1/4 inch and iron, do this all the way around.  Now you are ready to sew!

Turn the folded edge over onto the facing fabric and sew down, do this close to the outer edge, then top sew again, this time a little closer to the inner edge.

Pardon my drunken sewing line :)

Press it, front and back and Voila!  You are done!

I hope this made sense, if you wish for it to be a heavy duty trivet, instead of batting, use insul-bright, or several layers of timtex or skirt-tex, something to help protect your table from a hot pan.  Since mine will be snack mats, I chose not to do that.  Even so, mine is still way less complicated than that pattern I bought!!


Kristina said...

I'm bookmarking this for when I have my unfinished projects finished. This looks easy enough for me to give it a try. Thanks!

Lady Truffle said...

I follow your blog sort of on a covert basis and I chuckle at your writing everytime. I love it. We must be solemates as my sewing line looks like a drunken one also! I love your tutorial and may try one of these this afternoon while it rains in sunny California! Thanks for sharing.

Merry said...

Kristina, go for it! I tried to make it simple, but if when you try it you find an easier way, let me know! Let me know how it turns out too!

Merry said...

Lady Truffle, I just do what I do, no matter how hard I try or slow I go, my lines are wibbly wobbly! Let me know how your trivet turns out!