Monday, December 5, 2011

Have you ever...

just worked over and over in your mind, how to bring a concept to life?  You know it can be done, you've seen variations of it, but you wonder, can "I" do it?

I have finally finished one set of gifts for my friends.  It is a needle felted beehive pincushion.  I have seen something like these done, but I didn't really care for what I had seen, and couldn't find any instructions on them anyway.  So, DIY it was!  I didn't know how to needle felt, but I can pretty much teach myself anything, so I jumped in with both feet and vowed not to stop until I completed something to my satisfaction.  I will have you know I did several months of "mind construction" before I ever laid a hand to felt or wool, sometimes that's good, sometimes its just an excuse not to start.

But the funny part?  Once you start needle felting something with details, its hard to put it down.  Everytime you look at it, there is another place to smooth down, or fix etc.  I wasn't very happy with how it looked at the very beginning, basically it looked like a pile of yellow dog poop on top of a pincushion.  But after I needled it, and stitched a bit on it, then agonized half a day over the pull tab, voila! 

My picture is crappy, but I like to tell myself its much cuter in person.

I made the pins with Shrinky Dink plastic and a rubber stamp, very fun stuff that is!  I keep looking over my stamps and wondering if they would look good shrinky-dinked!  The pull-tab is two Just Another Button Company Buttons.  I know many of you are thinking, why didn't I just make a little bee?  I did, several iterations of bees, none of them looked right.  So after taking my irritation out on the dog and husband, I went prowling through my work room and decided that the buttons would do.

Its not perfect, but I like it, and I think my buddies will find it amusing.  I decided  it was safe to post this one as my friends might not be able to guess who this one is for.  As for the other gifts, well, they will be way too easy to guess!

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