Friday, December 23, 2011

Blessed Beyond Measure

Sometimes I really do sit and ask myself, how lucky am I to have Belinda and Kimber as my best friends.  They are both so talented and NICE!!  I mean, they are both the definition of grace and kindness, as for me, I am just happy that they allow me to stumble along in their wake.  I am also quite blessed that they put up with me!

Wednesday was our annual Christmas get together, we met for lunch at Mimi's.  Luckily they seated us in a corner booth, as we were loaded down with bags and ready to settle in and homestead awhile.  By the way, I had an awesome bleu cheese burger and sweet potato fries, and order the dessert trio, its so bad, so bad for your diet!

After we finished nomming down on dessert, we started opening our gifts.  We started with Kimber's presents.  Kimber is an extremely talented free lance writer, she writes quite a bit for Meredith, Better Homes and Garden, and you will also see her in Victoria magazine.  She edits quite a few quilting books, and a new magazine, Primitive Quilts and Projects.  She is a very busy busy lady!!  But she has extremely good taste, when we go antique shopping with her, we follow her wherever she goes because she finds all the cool stuff!  That's probably why she is always asked to style the shoots in the books she edits. Anyway, not long ago, she found an adorable vintage wooden grocery list, and I lusted after it mightily, I was so pleased to find one of my own in my present.  She also gave me a wonderful community cookbook, because she knows I collect them, what she didn't realize this time was, I was born in Virginia, in the Portsmouth area, and this cookbook is from the Muscarelle Museum of Art, from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.  This cookbook is so very near and dear to my heart!  She also gave me an adorable set of mini halloween cookie cutters, some vintage thread spools, which both Belinda and I drooled over, a cute set of Christmas trims,  my mind was already thinking of ways to use them along with the kitchen stamp.  I am anxious to read this cute book, Knit Knacks, Much Ado About Knitting, its full of humorous stories and is illustrated in vintage 1940-1950 pictures, which I love!   Also included was an adorable little handmade Christmas book, perfect for recording my Christmas memories, starting with this one!  Lastly, on one of her travels, she picked up this cute primitive bird pincushion, perfect for setting by my chair to hold my scissors and pins, so my husband doesn't keep finding them with his feet.  My little bird came complete with vintage rick rack, I tell you, Kimber finds the most awesome things!!  After opening all her wonderful gifts, my heart was quite full of happiness, and my mind was full of projects and ideas!

Next I opened Belinda's gifts.  Belinda is a very talented needlework artist and designer.  She is also an extremely good teacher, much in demand on the cross stitch retreat circuit.  Ladies, she sets the bar of what you should expect from your teachers, both with her kits, teaching materials, and attention and technique that you should receive from a needlework instructor.  If you ever have the chance to attend a retreat with her, take it!  You won't regret it!

Since Belinda teaches at all these retreats, she gets to go to really nifty needlework shops, like Elegant Stitch,  and  ABC Stitch Therapy, and she picks up the neatest gifts for us wherever she goes!  One cool thing was a Just Nan stick pin.  Just Nan only makes a limited number of these, and at market for the needlework shops, they go fast!  I never ever had a chance to get any for my shop because by the time I could fight my way in the door, they were snapped up!  So it was quite a coup that Belinda gave me one!  She made me a wonderful, awesome and so very needed knitting needle roll.  I really do love this, I have needed one, its perfect!  See, I already filled it!
It also has a zippered pocket which is perfect for my stitch markers, cable needles and all the small little whatnots that tend to get misplaced.  In the same fabric line, Madeira from Black Bird Designs, she also made a nifty lined gathered bag, which is perfect for toting my knitting projects to and from my knitting group.  A neat pair of scissors and 3 inch ruler,(because if you are a stitcher, three inch rulers are pretty handy), a cute primitive notebook, because she knows I like that!  When she was teaching at Elegant Stitch this fall, she found in their shop a French General Scissor case, which is also a pretty awesome coup!  I love French General fabrics, and their accessories, although adorable, are so hard to find, they are always sold out, even on their website!  And we decided I could use this case for my circular needles.  (I think she wants me to keep my knitting organized to I can knit her more socks!)  A little bag of Hershey mint kisses, and lastly this gorgeous cookbook (do my friends know me or what!) Bon Appetit Fast, Easy French.  I have been slowly going through this book, and my mind is overloaded with recipes I want to try. 

Everyone should have such kind, talented and generous friends, and I count myself very lucky that I do.  I don't know what I did to deserve them, I suspect that I don't, but God has blessed me in spite of myself.

If you want to see what I made them, go to their blog posts, Belinda and Kimber

I hope all of you have very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!

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