Thursday, June 16, 2011

A perfect tea.....

Yesterday, my friends Kimber, Belinda and I, had our first annual Spring Tea. The theme seemed to be pink, which is one of our favorite colors. I love these friends, we can get together and be girly girl, and then go right to gardening, and then the nitty gritty side of their business.
Kimber had a beautiful table set for us, she has quite a collection of vintage and antique tableware, and she doesn't mind using it, my kind of lady! We chatted and visited, and ate lots and lots, in between all of that, we opened our gifts. We always bring each other little things, usually in keeping with the theme of whatever gathering we are having, or sometimes just because we want to!!
Kimber, the consumate hostess, she really is, made these lovely little party favors filled with vintage rick rack and laces and buttons, and gave each of us, a lovely vintage tea pot, in memory of our day together. Kimber also gave us one of the latest books she edited, one that Belinda had been drooling over for some time, Some Kind of Wonderful. This book is full of sewing and hand embroidery projects, lots of ideas for gifts. She really is most generous!!

Belinda made a wonderful button bag, using pretty button patterned fabric, and filled with buttons, all kinds! She just whipped it up, no pattern just her own amazing creativity.

Kimber provided the prettiest tea food, petit fours, pink sugar cookies, red velvet cake, pastel nonpareils, I was all over the cucumber watercress sandwiches - I was not lady like in my consumption of them! Of course, we had a wonderful selection of teas to choose from too!

I offered to make the main course, a gouda spinach quiche, fresh wheat bread loaf. Belinda made the best fruit salad I have ever eaten. She is the best at choosing the freshest fruits!!

Kimber loves macarons, french macarons. I had never made them before, so of course I considered this my next culinary challenge. I decided to make rose and lemon buttercream macarons, and happily they turned out very well!

The day was perfect, good friends and good food! I hope you all get a chance to experience your own wonderful tea with friends, so my challenge to you, get together with a few friends, make good food and spoil each other rotten with friendship!!

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