Friday, April 29, 2011

Mason Jar Solar Lantern

It must be DIY day, as I got inspired to make a solar lantern. This is basically the top of a solar powered yard light, stuck into a jar. You can paint the inside of the jar to frost it, use colored plastics to line it etc.
I wound some wire around the top of the jar so I could hang it in my garden.
My husband kept asking me, why do it? What's it good for etc? I don't know, I just thought it was a fun outside luminary, put a few little ones on crooks in the garden, hang one under the tree over a bench, I thought it looked sweet and romantic, must have been that wedding I stayed up and watched!

How to DO it:
I knew I wanted to use canning jars since I have so many. So I took a canning jar ring, wide mouth and small with me to Walmart, to size the wide array of inexpensive yard lights. Really, they had a lot to choose from, many of them 4.00 and less. I found some that fit the wide mouth, although it does stick up. I will continue to look around to find some interesting jars to experiment with. I removed to stick part, and kept the plastic protector and reflector on for the quart jar, and removed them for the half pint jar. I wound some wire around the rim to make a handle. This would be cute wound with beads and wire curliques too! I set them out in the sun to charge and waited for darkness.
They looked so cool and actually gave off pretty decent light. These would be fun table decos when camping, safer than open flames or candles and actually, would be useful at night if you lost electricity. And they look sweet and romantic!
Heck, you probably have lots of jars you can re-purpose into lanterns. The cost is limited to how fancy a yard light and jar you use. Did you know these retail anywhere from 20.00 to 39.00 dollars online? Make your own! Hang them all over your garden and patio!
If you can't find a yard light to fit, what you can do is take the solar panel, battery and bulb portion out of the plastic housing and tape them to the inside of one of the clamp on lid type jars, or an empty Yankee candle jar with lid would work too. The solar panel needs to receive light to charge, so opaque or non see through lids won't work.
Just do it!
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Carol said...

I made some similar to these last year using the vintage green and blue jars. Gave off a very soft romantic light on the deck at night.