Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old friends!!

Had lunch today with a good friend that I don't see often enough. We have such a good time together!
One awesome side effect of having been ostracized finally from that mean ol' stitch group has been that I'm able to spend time with people that want to spend time with me!! Up until recently, when the last one finally let go, I've felt as though people were just friends with me out of pity, obligation, neediness, etc. But, now, wow!! My real and true friends let me know that they like me for me, not because I will stitch, knit or complete some project for them, they don't keep me around to use me to make sure they get a birthday present or because there is no one else available to use. Today really made that point clear to me, although it was becoming clearer and clearer all the time. One thing I love love love about my current friends is that I can invite them to do something or whatever and they don't constantly make lame excuses, and they are all this way! All I have to do is suggest something and they jump on board!! Makes me feel good they want to spend time with me! Yes, its a small thing, but I'm embarrassed and mad at myself that I wasted years and income on friends that were self-centered users, when I could have been with people who know the real meaning of friendship. I know...same rant different day!! Just saying, I appreciate the people that appreciate me.
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Carol said...

It's so great to have good friends!