Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making candy...

So my dear friend Sue has been such an inspiration, I've started sprouting seeds, drinking twig tea, scrapbooking (sort of!) And making candy.
I made a tray for ny physical therapy office, wonderful people. I wasn't sure my shoulder could be fixed without surgery, but now I'm healed!
The other tray is for the ER where my paramedic husband works. When he brings stuff in, it makes them happy :)
Here for your viewing pleasure are two trays of assorted truffles and chocolates. What kind you ask? I will try to list them, but honestly, I was creating, not taking notes.
Dark truffle-pecan filled white chocolate hearts.
Peanut butter filled milk chocolate hearts
Pecan covered truffles
Caramel-Pecan covered truffles
White chocolate covered peanut butter and truffle
Dark chocolate covered caramels with pecan sprinkle
Sea salt caramels
There maybe other combos, but no one will know until they eat them, which is the way I like it!!!
My friend Belinda influenced my wrap job, and I found the trays at Michaels, so springy. I think its called Foofing? Which is funny since that is also the euphemism my husband and I use for sex!
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