Sunday, January 2, 2011


I heard someone say, I think it was Dr. Oz, don't make resolutions, set goals, making resolutions just sets you up for failure.

These goals are fluid, and none are do or die, I will find many more important things to do besides this.

So, a brief and incomplete list of some goals for 2011:

Devotion, prayer list and bible study everyday

Lose the weight I gained over Christmas - DONE (how, I'm not sure, I stepped on the scale this am and was pre christmas weight)

Get weight down appropriate for height/frame (lose approx. 15 lbs)

Try growing sprouts

Knit a sweater - started

Learn to knit socks (signed up for class)

Finish Cowl/Snoood

Complete Christy's mitts (50% done)

Complete table runners (May deadline)

Make Tom's quilt (july deadline)

Make Janis baby quilt (start now end of Feb deadline)

Join Ankeny Community Choir (if I like it)

Organize room (again...)

Have a garage sale (spring)

Sell excess patterns from shop

Complete to expert any incomplete maryjane merit badges

Expand garden (spring)

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Kristina said...

Great list Merry! I'm just now beginning to work on mine. God Bless.