Thursday, December 16, 2010

It was Christmas yesterday...

I had the joy to spend the day yesterday with my two best friends Kimber and Belinda. We did our gift exchange and wow! What awesome friends I have, as if you didn't know that already. I am always surprised, happily so, at their generosity. Not only in regards to gifts, but also with their time, talent and advice. Oh and their patience!
Today I will show you Kimber's gifts to me, and tomorrow I will show you Belinda's.
I cook a lot, and I have outgrown my recipe box. Kimber her extraordinary wisdom saw this and gave me this beautiful new recipe box, already loaded with some new recipes to try! I also have been attending the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle with Kimber, and being a newbie to Civil war fabric collecting, I received this great collection of civil war fat quarters. Then she gave me this little box, which the box itself was neat but I loved what she put in the box: a little folder of nifty post it tags, which I love and need, a lovely handmade vintage paper christmas box, and pretty little blocks of sticky notes. She's such a quilter, she knows I put sticky notes on everything!
It wasn't just the gifts that made it all special, it was spending time with these two beautiful and talented women, who both inspire me to be not only a better quilter and stitcher, but also a better person.
Tomorrow, Santy Claus Belinda!
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