Monday, November 15, 2010


I am lucky enough to have dramatic upheavals on a pretty regular basis. Why lucky? It causes me to pull back and soul search, to remember past lessons I thought I learned or forgot, to glean deeper meanings.
Today it hit me, that forgiveness is not a one time act, its not a this person in this situation action, that to forgive one person truly, you have to forgive the others in your life. I'm aware of this deep down, but I finally allowed it to float to the surface. Now I will put it into action.
To change because of forgiveness means to evolve, to progress, become stronger, more aware.
To forgive also means opening yourself to be hurt again, but you can forgive and still move on without allowing another the opportunity to hurt you.
Sometimes letting go and moving on means making room for something new, it also allows the other person room for new things, people and experiences.
What I've learned:
Change won't kill you,
Forgiveness won't kill you,
Moving on won't kill me.
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