Tuesday, August 10, 2010


If you've kept up with the national weather, you know the Midwest has been deluged with torrential rains. Relentless, unending hard rains. Like many people in Iowa, I have a leak on my lowest level, in the corner of my den. Also like many, I have to wait several months before I can get it fixed because of the long long waiting list.
The last few nights have been one long exercise in staying ahead of the flood. My husband has had duty most of these nights, so me and my arthritic body have been doing our best. Oh did I mention my dog is scared of thunder? Negotiating a quivering dog while hauling heavy sopping towels and blankets to and fro, emptying buckets and mopping. *wipes weary brow* oh and these storms come about 10p to 5am, long long nights.
Last year I joined the Maryjanes Farm sisterhood. I have met a lot of people there, but one of the best has been Diana, Gramadinah on the forum. From the beginning we have become fast friends. She is just an awesome, thoughtful friend. She always knows when I've had a bad day, I would get a card or little present in the mail, so unexpected and very very appreciated. Best of all is the knowledge that she is there for me.
Today I received a bouquet of flowers. I wasn't sure who sent them until I saw the card.
I am unequivocally blessed with wonderful friends. After the last few nights, my perky levels were a little low, and those flowers were just what the doctor ordered.
Thank you Diana, for being my friend and for being the wonderful person you are.
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DonnaTN said...

How awful to have such a long wait for fixing the leak. I once had rain running down the brick around the fireplace. It is very disheartening to feel helpless in those kind of situations. Those lovely flowers would certainly brighten up your day!