Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eating Local

You may know, or not, that I am a member of my local food coop, Iowa Food Coop
I found them through

I was on a quest to support my local farmers and producers. When I owned my small business, I learned how important it was to have loyal local customers, and wanted to return the favor. Its been a good thing, I have met wonderful people and have tasted the best whole food that has ever been grown and raised my human beings.
Making your living as a producer or farmer isn't about making money, oh it may be for the huge operations, but for the local guy, its mostly a labor of love. Long hours, sweat and sometimes tears to hopefully break even. But what they give us, the consumer is the best of what they have to offer, a basket full of beauty, masterpieces of nature, and a little bit of their heart and soul.
Recently, I checked this book out of my local library. Eating Local

I loved this book. If you ever run out of ideas for recipes to use up your weekly CSA share, buy, borrow or check out this book. Creative recipes from the growers and the best part? Lots of backstory on CSA's from across the country. Some are century farms passed down for generations, local kids who moved back home and married their childhood best friend to individuals from the professional side changing their career and wanting to make a difference in the health of their community.
Very often I feel to many retailers I am just a dollar amount, do they care if I am happy with their goods? Not really, as long as my check doesn't bounce, I'm not given a second thought. Not so with these local producers, they care and they care a lot. We don't give much thought about how our food got to the distribution sight, we mostly just care if its there! Just as much care went into prepping it for market as went into the growing and harvesting.
The recipes are great, the stories and interviews are heartwarming, and even though you don't know these particular people, you do know many just like them! Many with just as much heart, courage and chutzpah!
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