Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden, life update

I am loving this summer, and having much more fun than I have had the past two years. I've decided to do those things that hadn't felt well enough to do that last few years. Farmers markets, sun tea, and just generally being more active.
I feel better, my garden is doing great, plenty of rain and warm weather, found a fix for mildew on my squash and cucumbers and have gotten ahead of the weeds, for now.
I always have a project or more accurately, an obsession, this time its rediscovering my Asian roots. I have been eating more Japanese-philippino food, and I really like using my Chopsticks, I eat slower and get less indigestion. I feel close to my mom and that's a big part of this too. When I use her Asian bowls etc. I remember the meals she made for us, the summer mornings when it was just the two of us, sometimes I cry, but mostly thank God she was my mother and praise that I was lucky enough to be her daughter. She taught me so much.

Bought a bento tray for home and bento box for away from home. I have been cooking bao and shumai, and making onigiri and sushi, and having an awesome time prowling through the local Asian stores, seeing lots of foods and home stuff from my childhood.

I am enjoying going meatless too and feel better now that I have given up red meat, and I don't miss fried food, well, except when I have PMS, then you deep fry my house shoe and I would salt and eat it! Mark is on board with the new healthy eating too, which makes life a lot easier.

I've decided to get back to stitching too, and to quilt whenever my carpel tunnel and arthritis are too painful for stitching, and to read when its to painful to do anything else.

I am loving my friends, both near and far, and appreciating them more everyday, I do truly have treasures in Belinda and Mary.

I also have reconnected with my cousins, they were my best friends from childhood, a time when life was happy and full of new adventures, when family was always there and you could count on lots of hugs, good food and family stories.

I am a lucky lucky lady.
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Greg Duncan said...

Your Mom was a special Lady not just to you but to alot of us!! I appeciate and am thankful for her investment in my life as well!! Thank you God for Mrs T!!!!