Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ribbon Blanket

I made this using a variation from Moda Bake Shop

You will need:

8 - 5 inch charm squares, I used Love U, from Moda.

1 - 5 inch charm cut from minkee dots. (the minkee fabric with the raised dots)

15 x15 inch piece of minkee dots

15 x 15 inch piece of batting
24 - 6 inch pieces of ribbon, both grosgrain and satin.

Arrange charm squares, in three rows, three charms in each, with the minkee charm in the center. Piece together and press. Press the minkee gently or you may press out the dots!

Fold ribbon pieces in half. Pin onto pieced top, matching raw edges of ribbon to the raw edge of pieced top. Your loops should ontop of pieced top, so that when you turn it, they will stick out like a tag.
I basted my ribbons onto the pieced top.

minkee backing and pieced top - right sides together. Be sure ribbon loops are laying flat.
Lay batting on top of this.

Sew this sandwich together, leaving yourself an opening to turn. Turn right side out, pushing out corners. Turn raw edges of your opening in and top stitch around whole blanket.

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