Monday, August 10, 2009

Iowa Food Coop!

Do you LOVE the Iowa Food Coop? Then tell your friends!!!! 
Through the month of August* the IFC is having a Membership Referral Campaign.  All you have to do is tell your friends, family, coworkers, strangers.... about all of the great products and benefits of being an IFC member.    
$$$$$$ And you will be rewarded for you effort! $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$
The top three referrers will win a valuable prize consisting of IFC producer products!
$$$$$$$ HOW DO I WIN?
Just tell everyone that you refer to enter your name in the 'How you heard?" field on the online registration form.   It is important to have the people you are referring complete this field on the application as it is the only way we will be tallying referrals. Make sure you mention this to all of your friends and family before they register as a member so you can collect your valuable prizes! 
****This campaign runs from August 3rd to August 31st.  All referrals must be registered members by August 31st to qualify toward the campaign. 
1st PRIZE Blue Heron Organics• 1 Beef Fillet Roast Anna's Place Poultry Products• 1 Whole Chicken Black's Heritage Farm• 2 Dozen Sweet Corn
Tesdell Farm Fresh Produce• 4 heads of German Extra Hardy Garlic 
The Berry Patch• 1/2 Bushel Apples 
Timber Ridge Cattle Company 1 Dozen Beef Sticks 
Foxhollow Farms• 1 package of quail eggs• 1 bottle of EMU pain rub
Wheat Grass on the Go• 1 Tray of Wheat Grass  

2nd PRIZE Griffieon Family Farm • 1 Package Beef Filet  Horsefeather Farm • 1 Pound Certified Organic Grass-fed beef  
Foxhollow Farms• 1 Dozen Eggs
Black's Heritage Farm• 2 Dozen Sweet Corn The Berry Patch• 1/2 Bushel Apples
Tesdell Farm Fresh Produce• 4 Heads of German Extra Hardy Garlic  
3rd PRIZE Black's Heritage Farm• 1 Dozen Sweet Corn  Tesdell Farm Fresh Produce• 2 heads of German Extra Hardy Garlic
Horsefeather Farm • 1 Certified Organic Grass-fed Beef Summer Sausage
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